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"A womb twin survivor (or multiple twin) is a person who has witnessed (as an embryo, fetus or baby) in the womb the death of one or more embryos or fetuses. This can occur from just after conception until around birth found it.

Definition and Meaning Womb Twin Survivors

Twins alone, twins only, vanishing twin syndrome, womb twin survivor, twinless twin, belly twins, half twins, lost twin halves, lost twins, 'actually twins'….


All terms for one and the same phenomenon.

One in ten is twins or multiples


Studies have shown that one in ten pregnancies start as twins or multiples and that in 90% of original twin pregnancies, one or more fetuses or embryos die early in pregnancy*.

Doctors or midwives are often unaware of this because death occurs at such an early stage of the pregnancy, that ultrasound has not yet been made at that time.

About one in ten women will have a bleed somewhere in the first four weeks that may lead them to believe that she is not pregnant after all. She is then usually told that there have been implantation bleeding. After all, she is (still) in happy expectation! However, not every woman who is pregnant has implantation bleeding; this only occurs in about 10% of women (source: obstetric practice).
It is possible that the remains of a second embryo or fetus can be seen on a later ultrasound. Or the obstetrician or gynecologist finds an encapsulated fetus in the placenta or a fetus papyrus at birth.
In most cases, however, a woman does not notice that there are (or has been) twins and does not know any better than that she was pregnant with one child.

You are not crazy!


The feeling that something or someone has been with you for a while but has disappeared again, that feeling is stored somewhere deep in your cells.  It seems impossible that such an early event leaves such an impression, but in the meantime, we know from research that this is indeed possible.

Have twins or multiples always attracted your attention, do you have certain feelings about it, and do you always have a slumbering feeling of loneliness and lack…. don't ignore this because there may be a deeper feeling underneath. You are not crazy!

Re-enacting the dream of the womb


Twins born alone spend their lives constantly 're-enacting' being together in the womb and eventually the death of the other half. Or as it is so beautifully called in English;  reenacting the dream of the womb. You can see this in a  variety of characteristics and habits in daily life that are often carried out in a subtle way. Waking up from this dream is essentially a process of recognizing, becoming aware of how you do things in daily life. Realizing that you are a womb twin is step one. From there you have a choice to take the next steps.

It is good to realize that the death of your deceased twin brother or sister leaves a huge impression on you as a surviving twin. The bond that twins and multiples have from the start (especially when it comes to identical twins) is special and unmatchable in other relationships. Even if you are talking about embryos that are only a few weeks old! The agreement to start this life together has already been made in this phase.

Feelings of emptiness and loneliness and unconsciously feeling guilty


This special bond almost always creates a  feeling of emptiness and loneliness when one of the two is no longer there. Those who have not or hardly known their twin half-consciously often say that they carry a feeling of guilt with them. An unconscious feeling of guilt without knowing exactly why. This is therefore a common feature in womb twins; feeling guilty even though they are not to blame.


*(source:  Survival probability of human conceptions from fertilization to term. International Journal of Fertility 35{2}, CE Boklage, 1990. Womb twin survivors and family constellations, V. Sas, 2010. A healing path for womb twin survivors, A. Hayton, 2005)

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