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Books about twins and multiple births

Dutch speaking

I wish I were two dogs - Aranka Reeuwijk-Willems

Alone and yet together - Aranka Reeuwijk - Willems

Straal Stella Straal - Veerle Wauters (suitable for children)

The Drama in the Womb - Alfred R Austermann, Bettina Austermann

The Lost Twin Half - Alfred R. Austerman, Bettina Austermann

Sterre or the two butterflies - Jenny Maas (suitable for children)

The girl with two hearts - Saskya Wiegel (suitable for children)


Womb twin survivors - Althea Hayton

A healing path for womb twin survivors - Althea Hayton

Two little birds - Althea Hayton (suitable for children)

My twin vanished, did yours? - dr. Brent Babcock

Twin Loss - Dr. Raymond W. Brandt

The twinless self, wood believe - Fr. Jim Cogley

Other books and movies

Dutch books

Sweet beautiful baby - Marline Wieggers

Fingerprint of sadness - Manu Keirse

Helping children with loss - Manu Keirse

Silent Babies - Christine Geerinck-Vercammen

Guidance of women with a miscarriage - Miriam van Kreij

Movies and  books with the theme of friendship, loyalty, loss, death

The never-ending story (book and film)

The Lion King (movie)

The Fox and the Hound (movie)

Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron (movie)

Double Lottie (book)

The Magic Hat (reading book)

Pippi Longstocking (books and TV series)

The Brothers Lionheart (film and book)

Alone in the World (book, series)

The Fairy Tale of Death (book)

Titanic (movie)

hachii (movie)

Top Gun (movie)

The Twins (book and film)

Her name was Sarah (film, but in this case especially the book)

The Man Who Seeked His Shadow (book)

The Solitude of Prime Numbers (book)

My Vanishing Twin (book)

I Miss You I Miss You (Book, Peter Pohl) 

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