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Philip Hayton: Clinical psychologist, has explored the psychology of Womb Twin for many years. In this interview, Philip will talk about some of his findings and observations on the experience of Womb Twins in relationships with significant others. Psychological and relational patterns in relation to early loss

Feride Gürsoy: Attachment theory and alone born twins. 

Feride started her trainings in Counseling skills and Family Constellation with Svagito Liebermeister in 2002. Since then she has been joining his trainings, assisting and translating many of his workshops held in Turkey as well as translating his book ‘Roots of Love’ to Turkish.

She offers Family Constellation work for groups and individuals in Turkey and Sweden and leads weekend seminars on health and relationships where she uses a combination of constellation work, shamanic energy work, Osho meditations, trauma healing, and functional well-being.

She can also be contacted for individual counseling, constellation, and trauma healing sessions.

Maria Kliavkoff: Healthy Mourning for Womb Twin Survivors.
In a grief avoidant, mourning phobic society, the grief journey can be challenging.  When you are a womb twin, the challenges are greater and the need to do healthy mourning is more critical.  Join us as we explore the difference between grief and mourning, and the importance of working through our grief in healthy ways. 

Nancy S. Hagman, M Ed., LMHC: Therapist/Coach. Nancy S. Hagman has a Master’s of Education degree in Guidance and Counseling and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida. She has been a therapist for over 30 years specializing in Trauma Recovery for Children and Adults. She has achieved her Certification as a Strengths Coach with the Unleashing Your Strengths Program.
Nancy will be talking about her experience with trauma victims and their continued resilience. When traumatic events occur, it effects the person’s ability to function effectively in their daily life. Nancy will be discussing the way trauma effects the brain functions that influence an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
In the past 10 years, strengths-based therapy has been introduced to increase an individuals’ ability to empower themselves in their own recovery. Through the use of the Clifton Strengths Assessment, Eddie Villa has developed a protocol to help individuals to understand their strengths and be effective in applying them toward improving their ability to be successful. Nancy will briefly introduce how to use the top ten strengths.
It is recommended to take the Clifton Strengths Assessment at prior to attending the session. It is not required but it will be helpful. 

Olga WatersFrom Survivor to Thriver: Why am I here?

Being a womb twin is a unique and personal one that involves completing the individual soul that was once part of a multiple.  There are many ways to successfully work with womb twins that can bring deep healing in their present life experience.
When working with the womb twin psyche, it is necessary to take both the individual experience as well as the overarching ancestral dynamic into account in order to reach a full and deep understanding of life that only womb twins can have. This allows for moving the womb twin from a place of lack, loss, or incompleteness to a place of wholeness. By taking a holistic approach, looking at the physical, emotional, energetic, and ancestral aspects of being, we can release any limitations or issues that may be related to being a womb twin so that life may be embraced fully.

Jakeb MoulisTo be a surviving womb twin can cause deep suffering. The truth is that it also gives us wonderful gifts if we are wide open to accepting them.

For the last few years, I have focused on primary therapy with my clients. It is extremely surprising how often the disappearance of a womb twin appears in them. Now I can finally say; Thanks to my own injury and the observation of others, I was able to find a way to release tension and express integrity in my body, where the loss of the twin is strongly imprinted. I work mostly on the somatic level of injury, which carries with it an emotional touch, in groups and individually.

Eva Sochorová: My never-ending story: I will never love again. I do not want to live without you. Insane or cursed to be alone?

I am a womb twin, I am 35 and I live in Prague. Formerly a lawyer, now a therapist, I help people encumbered with trauma find their peace. I am currently undergoing training in biodynamic body-psychotherapy and Erogenetic body-psychotherapy. In addition, my mission is to break the silence and to spread the information on prenatal and perinatal trauma in the Czech Republic, especially womb twin loss and impacts of abortion on the following child.

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