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Your twin loss as strength

After the successful congress “Acknowledge womb twins” on 21 & 22 June 2019, the Foundation is organizing its second congress during the month of November 2021. Every week there will be a diversity of interviews with womb twins online.  

Imagine... for a month, spread over several days, stories of twins who are born alone. About their lives, their quest, the struggles in their lives, the pain and sadness they experienced when they discovered their loss, their discovery of what the missing puzzle pieces in their lives were that got them so stuck. However, during this month we will also emphasize how they all ultimately made this loss their strength.

Some of the participants in these interviews are therapists or coaches and have been able to transform their personal trauma into strength in their work. An experienced expert when it comes to prenatal twin loss, that makes her different from others as a care provider.

The interviews will each last approximately 45 minutes, with the opportunity to ask questions afterward (if you are there live). During each conversation, the interviewers will have a number of questions that will run through all conversations as a common thread and that may give you as a viewer handles for your own life and are also very valuable if you work as a professional with womb twins. It is precisely the diversity of stories and discovering the similarities in them that will be very special.

To give everyone the opportunity to hear these unique stories, we have kept the costs for the entire month exceptionally low. For only €49, you can be there online.  

Participants during this congress month include: 
  • Aranka Reeuwijk, Founder of the ATN Foundation and working as a specialized AT coach

  • Dorret Boomsma, Professor at the VU Amsterdam

  • Sylvia Verduin, Baby therapist and the kinesiologist

  • Philip Hayton (son of Althea Hayton), clinical psychologist, working with AT

  • Eve Mintiens, System coach and grief therapist

  • Lindemarie Jongste, Coach/trainer 'connection with yourself'

  • Loes Janssen, Scientist, Department of Clinical Psychology, Leiden University

  • Dymphi Peeters, Voice healing work

  • Maria Kliavkoff, The difference between grief, and healthy mourning

  • Floor Pape, Energetic Therapist and Transformation Coach

  • Feride Gürsoy, Family Constellations & attachment work

But there are many more to follow and we will list all participants on this page. 

" Your twin loss as strength."

It happens to at least 1 in 10 people. They begin life in the womb as twins or multiples and eventually, they are born alone. The rejection of the fetus often takes place early in the pregnancy (weeks 4-10) so that it is not noticed by the midwife or mother.

While this event has a huge influence on the twin half that is born. Because of this unconscious trauma, they often get stuck in life, in areas such as work, relationships, and health. Often with a high degree of melancholy and restlessness.

With more recognition by professionals for the phenomenon of “womb twins”, a lot of suffering can be prevented and an AT client can receive the help that is really needed much earlier. Instead of a misdiagnosis or unnecessary treatment with medication, which is often the case.

The goal of this congress month:

During this second (this time online) conference we will look up the stories of twins/multiples womb twins. Sharing your life story from pure vulnerability. From heart to heart with the possibility of a laugh and a tear. To show that a loss at the start of your life can ultimately give you a lot of strength.

This month, full of extraordinary stories, aims to show participants (single twins themselves) that they are not alone in their stories. That their life is unique, but that there are similarities in experiencing the loss of your twin or multiple halves.

A special opportunity for professionals to hear a diversity of stories in a short time and thus get an impression of how such an early loss has an impact on someone's life.

Practical information

Nov 2021

Location: From your own home 

Live via zoom. Recordings are also recorded and you can look back at a moment that is convenient for you.

Contribution: €49 for the entire month

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