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Participants in this conference

We are incredibly grateful that so many people have pledged to participate in this conference.  

No scientific lectures. But for a month almost every day personal stories that hopefully will touch you and provide recognition.  

Aranka Reeuwijk : From energyless and 1001 physical complaints to vibrant and energetic through life. Founder of the foundation, working as a specialized single-born twins coach and trainer of the (H)Acknowledge single-born twins.  

Sylvia Verduin : Twin half lost in the first-trimester prenatal phase. From feeling alone in the world to being a part of everything and everyone.

Dorret Boomsma : Founded the Twin Registry in 1987 and recently published a study on the epigenetic profile by which you can determine whether someone is an identical twin and whether someone has lost an identical twin sibling early in pregnancy.  

Lindemarie Youngest:  Started with a brother. Recently experienced that life is light and pleasant instead of heavy and worrying.

Arnaud Mooij: Born without his sister and brother. The connection with the other helps me to remember myself. In the connection I can let the other and myself shine. Which becomes visible in his portrait photos. The loss has an impact on his life. It creates a need for confirmation and wanting to be seen, a need to really connect with others. And the fear of really receiving Love completely. But above all, the talent as a portrait photographer to really connect and see others for who and what they really are and to be able to capture that with his camera.  

Dymphi Peeters:  started with a twin sister. From loneliness to connecting people through creative musical expression! Singer, voice healer and musician. She creates medicine music based on improvisation and sound healing. She gives concerts, both solo and in various compositions and has her own Ecstatic Dance Band Dragonfly

Wendy van der Pas : Not a single born twin herself, but has a lot of experience working with born alone twins as a naturopathic therapist. Everything she does in her practice has to do with connection. She will share the connection in relation to the birth pattern of single-born twins with us during these conges.

Aneta Longhair:  Lost at a young age in a world filled with incomprehension and pain, to a more beautiful life to finally be myself again.

Modita van Zummeren : As a child I thought I ate my twin sister. This was one of the causes of the eating problems (anorexia and bulimia) that I developed later.

Astrid Hurkmans : Started as triplets, born as twins, when only one was expected.

Zoë Faber : Lived 27 years for 3, now I live my own life.

Loes Janssen : As a human being and a scientist in a conflict between reason and feeling. Now started an investigation into twin loss during pregnancy.

Caroline op den Kelder : Heal yourself first, then the connection with your twin half. I was born with my twin sister Yvette, but she died after a few hours.

Eve Mintiens : Twins born alone,  from not being able to be alone to enjoying me-time.

Margo Luberti : Only born quadruplets. From wallflower to the front of the barricade!

Marcelle Niland : Out of my dark hiding place, all my colors in the light.
Creative from the heart. By creative
  to work I bring you back into the flow, into your flow of life. It's a process from within  and goes beyond words. You make contact with your individuality, your core. Where words often come from our head, working from our feeling and with our hands ensures that we can go more inside, can express what lives in us.  My motto is therefore: 'Out of your head, into your body'. Working creatively is a journey of discovery, a journey within, where you encounter what wants to be seen. Break patterns. Your soul in the picture. You can't go wrong because you are unique, you have your own expression. It is not the end result that is important, but the road to it. You are welcome with everything there is.

................... and much more.

Program  is updated weekly and can be found on the relevant page.

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