To donate

As a foundation, we depend on financial donations to realize our goals.


The goals of the foundation include:
- education  giving via the website, information packages, lectures and other channels if necessary or desirable;
- (scientific) research, organizing lectures and conferences for professionals in care and education to create more awareness so that twins born alone can be better helped;
- building a library of (inter)national literature;
- organizing an annual conference with national and international speakers
- organizing courses/training for individuals, groups and care providers;
- eventually realizing a physical place where twins born alone can be helped.


Money is needed to achieve these goals. That is why we are happy with every donation from you.

Do you have a warm heart for our foundation?

Your gift, large or small, is most welcome! Learn more about the foundation's goals.


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Our foundation has an ANBI status. Your donations can therefore be deductible! More information about the ANBI can be found here .

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