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Womb twins...
According to scientific research, at least 10% of people are wombtwins or multiples twins.

The foundation Aloneborn Twins Netherlands aims to increase awareness of the phenomenon of Womb Twins.

The foundation is primarily for (adult) womb twins and multiple womb twins. In addition, the foundation is there for parents, teachers, care providers, therapists, and other professionals in both the regular and the alternative sectors.


We organize group meetings, workshops, lectures, and conferences to raise awareness of womb twins. We also actively monitor literature, research, and knowledge from the field. 

As the foundation board, we started 2023 with fresh courage to offer activities and events for womb twins and multiples again this year.


Will we see you at one of our activities especially for womb twins?

About the foundation

Would you like to know more about the foundation, its board members and plans for the future?


Do you have a question or do you want more information?

Then contact us!


The second conference about womb twins was online in 2021. The recordings are still available. 

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