Which therapy is suitable?

Every person is unique. That is why there is no unambiguous therapy that will be successful for you.

In addition, there is an essential difference in dealing with this trauma between single-born monozygotic twins and fraternal twins.


In the first instance, it will be about awareness for almost everyone. Convince that you had to let go of your twin half before you were born. And feel what the impact of this has been.

Because our 'conscious thinking' has difficulty with  given 'deceased twin half', cognitively focused therapy will not be sufficient to truly heal this trauma. That is why we are in favor of non-verbal forms of therapy.  

Possible forms of therapy

Hypnosis and regression therapy


Nei Therapy


Healing Journey

Voice Liberation

Soul voice

Body-oriented therapy

Respiratory therapy

Watsu and Healing Dance

Additional  support in your process


Schussler cell salts


Group conversations with other born alone twins