In the event of the death of an embryo or foetus during pregnancy, if there were twins or multiples, certain characteristics can be observed in both the person and the mother. As single born twins  you develop during your  live certain habits that are characteristic of born-only twins.
Note: This syndrome can also occur if you are part of multiple births. It is very well possible that you recognise yourself in the characteristics below while you have a living twin half. There is a good chance that you have had triplets or multiples.

Characteristics in the mother
  • Your mother was abnormally large around the waist in the first 3 months

  • Demonstrated by  an echo

  • First trimester blood loss

  • Miscarriage or suspected miscarriage, but the pregnancy remained

  • Attempted abortion, but the pregnancy remained

  • Gynaecologist  or nurse suspected twin pregnancy

Characteristics/physical evidence at or around childbirth
  • Birth has been traumatic in some way

  • There was  there is a breech presentation

  • Too small and light at birth

  • Placenta wax  unusually large

  • Extra embryo sac, placenta or umbilical cord found

  • Stillborn Twins or Fetus Papyrus

  • Scars or lesions on the placenta

Physical characteristics in or on the person himself
  • Dermoid cyst or teratoma

  • Fetus in fetu (fetus in the person himself)

  • Sex organs of both sexes

  • Secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex

  • chimerism; e.g. 2 different colored eyes (cells with different genetic background in one individual)

  • Mosaicism (ditto, however, all cells arise from one fertilized egg)

  • Congenital physical defects (eg scoliosis)

  • Ambidextrous or left-handedness (mirror twins)

  • Many twins born alone have a vitamin B12 absorption disorder

  • Suffering from low blood pressure and/or anemia throughout life


Emotional Characteristics
  • Death appeals to you, whether you are very afraid of it or not at all

  • You are easily hurt if someone else does not see your needs

  • high sensitivity 

  • You see the death of a pet as a  greater loss than the death of a loved one

  • You feel guilty easily (my fraternal twins)

  • You have trouble saying goodbye; at parties you wait until you are the last or you sneak away

  • Sudden attacks of low self-esteem can overtake you

  • You find it difficult to part with a hug or is simply not possible

  • You always experience a certain unrest

  • You need a lot of space but often don't dare to take it

  • From a very young age you felt different from others

Mental characteristics
  • Your personality is made up of opposites; you are very shy but also like to be in the center

  • Always looking for a new challenge or experience

  • Wanting to do too much at once

  • You've been searching all your life, but nothing brings you satisfaction

  • You are a perfectionist and at the same time very sloppy

  • Inner saboteurs are your best friends; you are very angry about it and  at the same time you can't miss them

  • In a group you feel responsible for the well-being of others (especially with multiple births)

  • You like to speak in the we-form (particularly with multiple births)

  • Etiquette and 'how it should be' you are very sensitive to

  • You are a man with a strong feminine side or a woman with a strong masculine side (fraternal twins)

  • Being able to organize well is not your thing or you are very structural to the irritating edge

  • Easily start up all kinds of things; finishing is another matter

  • Even numbers (or triples), you have something with that

  • Putting a lot of energy into searching without knowing what you're actually looking for

Behavioural Characteristics
  • In a partner you look for a soul mate. At the same time you do everything you can to make the relationship fail

  • You can't get enough of your own reflection in the mirror or you just hate mirrors (especially fraternal twins)

  • You have difficulty communicating, especially with the people you feel close to; you have a tendency to push them away from you.

  • Having to let go of things or people in your life since childhood

  • Photos; you don't want to be on them and prefer to make them yourself or you have to be in every photo and can look at yourself for hours

  • As a child you had imaginary playmates or played two characters at once

  • Curtains must be closed when it is dark, so people can't see you from the street / a black hole is terrible to look into

  • You are never really short on cash, but not much in hand either. If a lot of money comes in, it is spent before you know it

  • You are a vivid collector, especially paper and plastic bags

  • You like to carry a (large) backpack or handbag with you with all kinds of (not particularly necessary) things