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Prenatal Twin Loss Research

Leiden University has launched a study to investigate the extent to which the loss of a twin half during pregnancy affects psychological well-being in adults. Do you want to help with that and have you experienced this yourself? Then you are cordially invited to participate in the Leiden University research by completing a short online questionnaire (approx. 15-30 min).

Adults over the age of 18 whose twin halves died during pregnancy can participate, along with their full siblings (with the same biological parents). The participation of siblings is very important, but not mandatory.

Afterwards, five times €50 will be raffled among the participants.

Do you want to participate or more information? Please contact  

Research University of Amsterdam

Evidence has been found for the first time for the formation of identical twins. This discovery was made by an international group of researchers led by biological psychologist Jenny van Dongen and Professor Dorret Boomsma of VU University Amsterdam (VU). The results have been published in the leading journal Nature Communications.

During our last conference in November 2021, Jenny van Dongen was interviewed about this research. You can watch this interviewthrough this page.

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