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Are you a single born twin or multiple?

Come celebrate on our meeting day!

On Sunday 11 September, the foundation organizes a day especially for single-born twins and multiple births. It is the first time since the conference in Soesterberg that we are organizing a live event again. We are of course very happy with this. 

Last year we had a super nice online conference that lasted a month. A month of sharing stories and vulnerability. We would like to continue this on September 11. 

We organize a super nice, relaxed day together at the beautiful locationThe Oasis in New Zealand.

The theme of this day is FREEDOM

Free and visible. Present. Show yourself.

On this Sunday we are away from the invisibility and heaviness that can characterize single-born twins and multiple births. With plenty of room to tell your story, share experiences, get inspired, relax and embrace yourself and your life. 

To be on the program:

A musical opening withMary and Frankfromheart sound who will take us on a musical journey inside with their music and singing. A journey through your own inner self, so that you can greet and feel what lives in and around you with an open mind. Many listeners feel a healing, powerful effect emanating from their music; the sounds can touch, move, connect and reveal. The music is a fusion of own composition and improvisation

The Circle about AT and relationships

For single-born twins and multiple births, it is often an extra challenge to maintain healthy and happy relationships. In this connecting circle createsDanielle van Bakel We would like to work with you on a safe foundation in which we share our experiences on the theme of 'Relationships': the relationship with yourself, your partner, your children, friends, colleagues ... A nice gathering to inspire each other and to continue on your way. help on this path. Does she see you there?


Workshop 'Free and energetic life'

During this workshopAranka Reeuwijktake you on a journey to yourself. With the help of various exercises you will gain insight into how you can increase and retain your own energy. You take these exercises with you so that you have a number of tools for yourself to step into your own life with more energy.

Gemini in Mythology

Romulus and Remus, Artemis and Apollo, Castor and Pollux; you may have heard of these famous twins from mythology. And there are many more! Professional storytellerAbbe van der Veen will tell us some legends and myths about twins. And of course there is also attention for the symbolism of twins. 

Your two souls

Did you know that every human being has two souls within them? And do you already know what the life purpose of these two souls is?Margo Lubertiis going to tell you everything about your earthly soul and your cosmic soul in this workshop.
After this explanation she can, one by one, with her own earthly soul entrance correction, bring your earthly soul to the right place in your body, namely your higher heart chakra. This can help you to better balance. After this, your two souls could be able to carry out their task on earth. You will also receive tips to further work on this yourself.  

Artjournaling: Freedom workshop

Where do you feel free? Where not (yet)? Do you feel free from your brother(s) or sister(s)? What would it be like if you felt free enough to dare everything and no longer depend on someone else's judgment?Marcel Nilandgives you the space to express yourself artistically from your own flow without knowing where it is going. Experience is not necessary. If there is an image or text you would like to use in your work, please bring it along.

Tell your story!

Is there something you would like to share with others, perhaps especially with other ATers? Do you have a question that has been bothering you for a long time and that you really want to ask? Have you written a poem you want to recite, or a song you want to sing, or a dance you want to dance?
Josh van Hamis there and invites you to this open stage, especially for you.
Because it's all possible during Tell your story! 

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Aranka Reeuwijk
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Danielle van Bakel
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Possibility to stay overnight 

De Oase has a guesthouse where you can spend the night prior to our day (from Saturday to Sunday). You pay €25 for this, including breakfast. There are twelve sleeping places, so be quick. For the same amount it is also possible to spend the night in a tent you brought yourself.

For more information, see theThe Oasis website and to make a reservation, send an email to

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